Give Books for the Holidays!

I want to thank the authors who’ve stopped by over the past two weeks for sharing their books and their processes with us.

I met them through the group Infinite Worlds of Fantasy, and if you liked these authors, I hope you’ll continue to follow their work. Visit the Infinite Worlds of Fantasy web site for more information on these and many more terrific writers.

If you’re looking for a wonderful gift to give someone for the holidays, consider a book, be it a traditional print book or an e-book. In this economy and with worries about eco-friendly gifts, e-books are often less expensive than traditional print runs and eco-friendly.

Also, many of these writers have short stories available for free or for small fees. And many e-publishers offer gift certificates for the holidays.

Books make wonderful gifts because one can return to them over and over again, always finding something new and wonderful, and re-visiting favorite passages.

Give the gift of a WORLD this holiday!

We’re Revving Up!

In addition to interviews, etc. with both Karina Fabian and Nancy Hunter coming up, we’re also hosting the following:

Sandy Lender, whose new release What Choices We Made, available by the end of November, stops by on November 18 to answer a few questions;

An entire week of blurbs, covers, and interviews with authors from Infinite Worlds of Fantasy!. The date is not set in stone yet, but I expect it to be up in early December.

Stay tuned!