May 15, 2018: THE GOD KILLER by A.M. Griffin


I have known A.M. Griffin for quite a few years now. She’s someone I can always count on for support on a bad day, a good laugh on ANY day, and intelligence, integrity, and compassion. In other words, she’s one of my favorite people. So I’m excited and delighted to host her for her newest release, The God Killer. Which is a series I love anyway!

Here she is, in her own words:

Hello! I originally got the idea for the character Babylonia Delilah Jones after I came across a drawing of a fierce-as-heck woman. The drawing was on a stock card on a table at one of the book conventions that I’d gone to. I was immediately struck by her. So much so, that I picked up that card and stuffed it in my backpack for later. At the time I was only writing science fiction romance, but knew I wanted to do something with that character. When I returned home I pinned that stock card to the wall in front of my desk and roughly 3 years later it’s still there!

Now, five books later, that character has proven to be one of my favorites. My Urban Fantasy series, The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I. is about Babylonia Jones, the half-human, half-paranormal woman who’s lived most of her life in the human world, but desperately wants to fit into the paranormal world, The Undercity, but she’s not having much luck. Not only is she a human, half-breed, but she’s also unclaimed, meaning that she doesn’t have a paranormal House (others like her. Think of them as a family or gang—either would work in this scenario. Lol). Since she didn’t really fit completely into The Undercity, Baby’s paranormal P.I. business was struggling, to say the least. Meaning Baby usually ended up with the jobs that the other paranormal P.I.’s deemed weren’t worth their time or too dangerous. Because Baby is scraping the bottom of the barrel for work she finds herself in a ton of trouble ALL the time.

Luckily for Baby, she’s got super awesome gifts that come in handy for solving cases and getting out of jams. She can communicate with animals (they’re really chatty with her). Flowers and plants bloom for her and grow under her fingers. The Wind tells her secrets. And she can get a play-by-play of events by manipulating grass. Kinda cool.

But despite Baby’s many attributes, she’s still not seen as one of the cool kids (boo!). Nothing really stops Baby when she puts her mind to it, and being accepted in The Undercity is what she has her sights on. With her best friend and vampire, Melia, by her side, Baby feels she can take on just about everything. But oftentimes she needs the help of her demigod ex-boyfriend, Demarcus, and the Head of the Vampire House, Zaid.

The first four books in the series are about Baby trying her best to assert her place in The Undercity. She’s solving the cases that the others are unwilling to take on while also trying to find her paranormal House. Expect a lot of action and shenanigans. The books are fast paced and littered with humor. Eventually, we do learn what Baby is and where she belongs (no spoiler alerts from me!). It’s been a long time coming, and I’m really excited for her and what’s in store for her future.

It took me longer finish book 5, The God Killer, because I had to shift focus from the previous books. In books 1-4, Baby is desperate to find her place and struggling in a world that doesn’t want her. In The God Killer, the tables have turned and I wanted her to be more confident in herself and abilities. Hopefully at the end of The God Killer, the reader will feel that I’ve done her justice.

The God Killer
The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I.

I finally know what I am and who my father is. I officially hit the parental jackpot and all those Undercity bullies can suck it! Zaid, the love of my life, is by my side. I finally have my own territory. And Hermes, my grandfather, is absolutely adorable. The problem? The guilt of old mistakes haunt me, and the path ahead is anything but clear. With all the Houses trying to trick me into alliances I’m not ready to consider, I have to be cautious.

My solution? Get in good my new Pantheon. Even if it kills me.

When Hermes convinces Zeus that I’m the best P.I. to solve a string of murders on Mt. Olympus, ego and pride push me to see the case through to the bitter end. History tells me that all it will take is a little bit of luck, trickery, smarts, and a strong will to live to solve this case.

But it’ll take a whole lot more to save me and Mt. Olympus from The God Killer.

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A. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.
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