A Biblio Paradise is a blog that celebrates writing, writers, and books.  A combination of interviews, essays, and even pieces about local independent bookstores that are particularly engaging, this is a place for those who love reading and writing.

If you are an author with a book to promote and would like to book an appearance, note that we RARELY do reviews.  There are some exceptions, but it’s rare.  We accept blog posts on relevant topics of interested to readers and writers about process craft and inspiration, essays about bookstores or book-buying experiences (400-800 words long), and/or interviews.  At this point, we do not pay for posts; nor do we charge for them. Always QUERY FIRST.  If you just send materials without being asked, they will be deleted unread.  The blog usually books guests several months in advance.

If  you want to do an interview, you MUST provide a media kit.  Don’t tell us to go look at your website.  You must provide the information we ask for, so we can formulate relevant questions.

Materials need to be formulated in .doc (not rtf or docx or anything else).  You may include a short excerpt, buy links, short bio, website information.  JPG of the cover and/or author photo must be sent separately.

If you would like to book an appearance on A Biblio Paradise, please send an email to devon – at – devonellingtonwork -dot – com with “Biblio Paradise Slot” in the subject line.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello there. I wonder if you might be open to a bit of correspondence regarding Harriet Beecher Stowe and the east end of Long Island. I noticed in doing research on a small project of mine, that you were engaged a few years ago in research of your own about Lymen Beecher and East Hampton. If you have a moment, I will explain further, but do not wish to trespass on your time if thisi s inconvenient. Please email me if you have the time and opportunity.
    Kind regards,


    Hi there, Would love your comments on this explosive spy-thriller, “ABLE DANGER.”

    Agent Harrison Court-006 a black ops-spy discovers China’s secret attack planned for the U. S. taking him on a new mission across Asia and Europe against time to stop a rogue ex-CIA agent DaSage. Court uncovers China’s deadly super weapon from a known terrorist leader hiding in the caves of Tora Bora. OO6 must find out what American cities the silent gravity weapon will destroy by defeating the phantom of reverse gravity before history is altered forever.

    Excerpt from Chapter 1

    From outer space the satellite disengages its laser on this American suburban household, as the TEST of Gravvox’s destructive fire power has concluded. The laser’s disengagement creates a sensitizing, bursting, spherical-shaped flash traveling almost forever in space. The effects of the laser burning out causes a phenomenal, geomagnetic interference with Earth’s ATMOSPHERE.

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