Library A-Wandering

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Ever have one of those days when you want to read “something” but don’t know what to read?

You look at your TBR pile. You know everything looks great, but nothing appeals right now.

You wander the house, searching through shelves, for a favorite comfort book, but none of them hit the craving.

You waft through bookstore shelves, where everything and nothing looks good.

You post on social media, asking for recommendations; again, they sound good, but for a different day.

So what do you do?

Those are my favorite days to wander the library. I either go to my “home” library (the library that holds my card or the one that I use regularly), or I go to a different library in the same network, where I can still use the card.

And I wander.

Maybe I don’t really feel like fiction today. Maybe I want nonfiction, even though I’m tired of my research. Maybe I want local history or diaries by other writers or verbal portraits of the way I wish life was. Or maybe I want fiction — something light, brain candy, so I can refresh. Or maybe I want to revisit a classic or read a classic that I haven’t yet read.

Maybe I’ll find an interesting cookbook. I test drive cookbooks from the library, and if I keep taking it out, I’ll buy it. Maybe there will be a book on garden design, or one that gives me ideas for the herb garden.

You never know, and that’s what’s so wonderful.

Wandering the library shelves, you’ll find books you didn’t know you needed to read, but are irresistible when you pull them off the shelves and hold them.

It’s not the same when you do a computer search and come up with limited terms.

Wandering the library shelves is more like a treasure hunt.

And what grand treasure it is!

When I travel, I always visit the library (if it’s open while I’m there). Even if I can’t take out a book, I learn a lot about the place, and I discover hidden gems. It never gets old.

Next time you feel restless, and want to do “something” or read “something” but can’t settle –visit the library and go on a treasure hunt!

image courtesy of Free Photos via pixabay

Author: devonellington

I publish under a half a dozen names in both fiction and non-fiction.

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