WRECKED by Shiloh Walker

WRECKED-high-res-186x300WRECKED by Shiloh Walker

When Abigale’s fiance calls off the wedding, claiming she’s “not being true to herself”, she turns to her best friend, Zach, for comfort.  Abigale and Zach have been best friends since childhood, growing up together as stars of a TV show; both choosing to walk away from that life.  Zach, knowing Abigale needs to stop trying to control so much in her life, gives her a new journal to help her transition to the next phase. When he finds out that one of the items in the journal is a promise to have an affair with a hot guy, he determines to be that guy.  He takes action on the love he’s always felt for her, coaxing her into seeing him as more than “just a friend”, trying to get her to recognize that true love’s been right in front of her all along.  Of course, there are unexpected obstacles along the way, some from those who mean well, and some from those who don’t.  Lively characters, good dialogue, and plenty of complications litter their route.  It’s a vibrant, sexy romp in truly recognizing and appreciating those around you, instead of always striving for something “out there.”

WRECKED released on April 2 as a Berkley Sensational Original Paperback.  $7.99 in the US, ISBN: 978-0-425-26445-4.

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