Midnight Enchantments: Jane True

Midnight Enchantments is a celebration of books, characters, and authors we love, who make us believe in magic.

Midnight Enchantments: Jane True
By Devon Ellington

I had no intention of buying TEMPEST RISING. I was in the bookstore, I’d used up my gift card, I HAD my stack, thank you very much.

And then I saw the cover.

Totally unique. Totally different from the dark and sometimes dour covers of urban fantasy. Even when they’re well-done, they can start to look the same when you look at a whole wall of them.

Not this one. Swirls of blue and pink and purple.

I picked it up. Hey, it took place in Maine! I have family in Maine, I enjoy Maine, there’s not much outside of Stephen King that’s written about Maine. And it’s about a half-selkie. Not a 3,445th vampire novel, or the 657th werewolf novel. I was starting to hit my fill of even the good ones, and REALLY sick of the not-so-good ones. A selkie. A water creature. Yeah, there was a vampire and a shifter, etc., but the protagonist was a half-selkie. Who lived in Maine. And the book had a cool cover, and the copy sounded like there might even be some humor in it. Not just snark, but wit. Charm. HUMOR.

So I bought it, and I was embraced into Nicole Peeler’s delightful world of Jane True.

Another bright woman who’s compassionate and loyal to her friends. Another misfit, who finds her place the bigger picture by learning and accepting her heritage.

One of the things I find interesting about the evolution of female characters is where they get their power. Years ago, it was from external sources — be it a husband or inheritance, or the cinder girl who turns out to be a princess. As women claim their power, the characters now find the power from within. They aren’t claiming externals. They bring forth internals. They grow, develop, learn, experience. They still quest — albeit differently from male characters. They have companions and obstacles. But they are now, as male characters often do, finding that the power resides WITHIN, not without, and has to be honed and trained and cajoled and controlled and celebrated. In fact, once they stop fearing inner power and trying to over-control it, once they celebrate it and let loose, they achieve their goals and needs.

Fictional characters or not, there’s a lesson in there for all of us.

Learn more about Nicole Peeler’s delightful Jane True series on her website.

–Devon Ellington publishes under a half a dozen names in both fiction and non-fiction. She is a full-time writer and sometime teacher. Her website is http://www.devonellingtonwork.com

Author: devonellington

I publish under a half a dozen names in both fiction and non-fiction.

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