Sex, Lust and Martinis: An interview with Michelle Miles

It’s September, which means A BIBLIO PARADISE is gearing up for regular Tuesday reviews, musings, and interviews.

Please give Michelle Miles a warm welcome. She’s published with both Samhain and Cobblestone Press, and her latest book, SEX, LUST & MARTINIS recently came out. Here’s a sneak peak:

Sam ripped out her heart. Now Delilah wants it back!

Delilah Storm believes in sex, lust, and martinis. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Until she discovers that her favorite sex toy shop has been taken over by her ex-husband.

Sam Ford is a man who doesn’t know what he wants. So when Delilah walks back into his life, he sees it as a sign. And he’s willing to try anything to get her back.

Sparks fly, proving they’re still in lust with each other. Now the two have to put the past to rest, or risk losing each other again…this time, for good.

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DE: What was the spark of inspiration for this book?

MM: I had so much fun writing Delilah’s character in TAKE ME I’M YOURS, I thought she deserved her own book. It took me a while to figure out what her story was and who her love was, but once I did, the story took off.

DE: Did it change substantially as you wrote and rewrote it, or did it stay true to your initial vision?

MM: I got the first draft down in about 6 weeks. As always with my writing, I have a general idea of the story and where I want it to go. I knew how it started and how it ended but everything else in between was a mystery. 🙂 I ended up where I wanted and that’s all that mattered.

DE: What draws you to this particular genre?

MM: Sometimes it’s just easier to write contemporary for me than anything else. There is still worldbuilding involved but not as extensive as writing a fantasy or a space opera.

DE: Is this book a stand-alone, or will be see more of Delilah and Sam?

MM: Definitely stand alone. But there’s nothing that says you won’t see them as a cameo on another book. Marion and Graeme (TAKE ME I’M YOURS) were secondary characters this time around.

DE: What else is in the pipeline for you?

MM: I just finished a short novella that’s a tie in to the coffee house books called THE COFFEE WARS and submitted it to my publisher. Currently I’m working on a fantasy rewrite and I have a historical/time travel in the works as well as a space opera. Lots of big things. I hope to have the fantasy rewrite complete by November 1 and resubmitted.

Thank you, Michelle!

And readers, if you enjoy your romances fun and sexy, go buy Michelle’s books!

Michelle Miles found her love of writing buried in the fantasy books of Patricia A. McKillip and the beautiful romances of Victoria Holt. It wasn’t until her high school years she decided to take up the pen and try her hand at writing. She created faraway lands, space adventures, and even princesses who just wanted to be saved. Never learning to plot, she always believed that jumping in feet first was the way to go and has since become a self-proclaimed Pantser, writing sexy contemporaries and sizzling action/adventure. She is published with Samhain Publishing and Cobblestone Press. Visit her website for more information about her books or to sign up for her monthly newsletter.

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