Featured Author: Nikki Sinclaire

Nikki tells us a bit about herself:

I’m Nikki Sinclaire. Just a year ago I was leading a quiet existence, minding my own business, when these characters started
escaping out of my brain demanding that I write their stories. I tried to explain to them that I am an IT professional and that math,
not writing ruled my life, but they would not listen, stubborn little suckers that they were! My heroes and heroines (featured in my five
novel Virtual series) were very persuasive and with my family’s encouragement, I began writing their stories. I was flabbergasted! Facing danger and destruction while navigating the rough waters of relationships my characters exist with a zeal and passion for living which sparked a renewed enthusiasm and ardor in my own life!

I have been married for 23 years to my best friend in the whole wide world. We consider our life our very own romance novel and the
inspiration for everything I write. We are the proud parents of two lean, mean, sex-life-obliteration machines, err, I mean two
wonderful boys ages 19 and 11. Yes, testosterone does overflow in our
household! We make our home in Georgia, where I am Research Faculty at a major university.


DE: What inspired you to create The Virtual Reality Series?

NS: When I started writing the first book, The Virtual Man, it was going to be a single book. As I developed the econdary characters, though, I found that some of them merited their own story. The trip to the Omicron quadrant described in The Virtual Man forever changed the lives of everyone on-board. Through the five books, we find out how and experience their individual adventures with them.

Having said that, to more directly address the question, I wanted to show that regardless of the century and regardless of the level of
technology that humans might some day attain, it is our emotions, our dreams and our need to be loved and to love that will still drive us. The futuristic 25th century setting of the book series is just that, a setting. The books are really about people, their relationships and their quest to fit in and become a part of something bigger than

DE: What sort of research did you do for this type of world, and are there any interesting, unexpected tidbits you learned that you’d like to share with us?

NS: The planet Arcadia 10 was created strictly from my imagination, but,
since the heroine, Tiana, was severely wounded, and the hero, Derek, had to come up with food, medicines, soap and even a comb for her hair, I researched the medicinal, nutritional and other properties of plants and minerals found in the wild here on Earth, then adapted them to the differences of Arcadia 10 in order to project our reality upon an imaginary planet.

For The Virtual Virgin, the hero was trained as a Shadow Priest on the planet Exeter, giving him almost supernatural perceptions and abilities, particularly in the art of self-defence. My source for all the martial art bits in the book was my 19 year old son. He can kick butt if he chooses to!!!

DE: THE VIRTUAL MAN and THE VIRTUAL VIRGIN have different pairs of
protagonists. Do you envision any of your characters crossing from book to book, i.e., protagonists from one book becoming secondary characters in another, a secondary character becoming a protagonist, or just having some characters make cameos in some of the books?

NS: Absolutely. That’s part of the fun in reading all five books. The
Terrilians, a “super-race” descended from humans play an important part in all five of the books. In addition, the hateful Colonel Katia
Reginald of the Terrilian Armada makes enemies throughout the series and is not dealt with until the last book in the series … that’s
all I’ll say about that. Don’t want to give it all away. The last book will also contain somewhat of an epilogue that will reunite many of the characters from the series, allowing the reader to learn more about how each one fared.

DE: What is the most rewarding element of world-building for you?

NS: The fact that I have complete control. I can create worlds with more than one sun and no moon such as Arcadia 10, ice planets, luxury starships that cruise the universe and develop technologies that are currently in their infant stages such as nano-technology, skin regeneration, etc. In my 25th century universe we also find an
existence full of hope where cancer is as lame a disease as having the sniffles, where crippling wounds can be healed in a matter of
seconds and where nano-robots construct gargantuan space stations.

DE: Do you have any rituals or rewards you use to push yourself along on days when the writing is difficult?

NS: I’m afraid not. I’m tough on myself. There are times when I’ll
force myself to stare at my computer screen for hours without being able to write more than just a few words, and then, something clicks and in a few minutes I’ll write several chapters. Discipline and persistence are what works for me.

For more information on Nikki’s work, visit these sites:

Author’s web page: www.nikkisinclaire.com

Link to purchase the book at publisher’s page.

Link to “The Never Ending Story” to which I am on the team of
contributors: http://judahraine.blogspot.com/2008_12_01_archive.html

Blog: http://nikkisinclaire.blogspot.com/

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I publish under a half a dozen names in both fiction and non-fiction.

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