Featured Author: Tula Neal

Tula Neal’s first erotic short story was ublished by Phaze.com in February, 2008. Her most recent work, The Mermaid’s Mission, was released by New Concepts Publishing in November. Click here – – to read a free short story by her.

Forty-six Days in the Caribbean: A Girl’s Guide to Sun, Sand, and Sex – Secret blogger, Sex Girl, is young, hot and sexy! When she’s assigned to do an in-depth magazine article about a special promotion organized by a Caribbean airline in conjunction with several hotels around the region, Sex Girl sees an opportunity to combine two of the top blog genres on the Internet – sex and travel. For forty-six days, she blogs about sex with the men she meets on islands as diverse as Jamaica and St. Eustatius while dishing information about the hotels she stays in, the historical and other sites she sees, Caribbean recipes, island aphrodisiacs, and much more.

The Vampire Oracle: Sleep – Can a vampire enslaved for more than a century surrender her heart and her desires to her human rescuer? In Sleep, Belle Le Beau is freed from her long captivity in a castle deep in Haiti’s mountains by Kai Duncan, a member of a paramilitary organization dedicated to saving paranormals from those who would exploit their powers.

The sexual chemistry between Kai and Belle is immediate and explosive but Belle has been brought close to the edge of insanity by her captivity and the only way she connects with Kai is through their lovemaking. Will she overcome her demons to surrender to the love Kai offers her?

The Mermaid’s Mission – Princess Antalya, First Daughter of the Nereid King Tushar, is sent as a Gift Prize to Gregory Landau, the owner of a private Caribbean island whose development threatens her undersea home. She needs Gregory to stop construction if she is to save her people, and she will do anything he asks, but Gregory has never met a Nereid before and is deeply suspicious of her.. Can he overcome his doubts and act on the attraction he feels for the mysterious woman? Owning an island resort has been Gregory’s dream for most of his life but Antalya awakens feelings in him that he’s never known before. Can he hold on to his dreams and still have his mermaid princess, too?

DE: Your novella, “The Vampire Oracle: Sleep” takes place in both New Orleans and Haiti. Did you travel to one or both places to do your research? Did anything surprise you in your research process?

TN: I wish I’d travelled for that story! Both places have this mysterious allure which is why so many writers choose New Orleans at least to write about. I think I was most intrigued by the connections between Haiti and New Orleans in past centuries because of their shared French colonial past. People travelled back and forth between the two places often, they maintained residences in both places, Haitians sent their children to school there, and, of course, the people of both places shared a belief in the loa and the spirits of vodun.

DE: Forty Six Days in the Caribbean: A Girl’s Guide to Sun, Sand, and Sex is cleverly set up. It’s told in the first person; it combines relevant current interests of blogging and travel – do you run into people assuming it’s you talking and not the character? How do you deflect that?

TN: I’ve gotten around that quite nicely by using a pen name so nobody I know is aware that I write erotica. In any case, Sex Girl is much more fun and uninhibited than I am – she loves going out and getting her groove on with like-minded guys while I’m much more introverted and don’t have half her stamina! LOL!

DE: A mermaid and a resort developer in The Mermaid’s Mission. A gladiator and a healer in The Gladiator’s Woman. Your pairs are either in exotic settings or have unusual callings – what draws you to those characters
rather than staying strictly in modern contemporary erotica?

TN: I write the kinds of stories I love to read – stories where I learn something new about a country or a time period. A lot of people aren’t aware that black people were part of the Roman Empire or that some held quite high-ranking positions in the Empire or in the Roman military and I wanted to bring out that aspect of history in The Gladiator’s Woman. Similarly, a lot of people vacation in tropical destinations without really thinking about the cost that some resorts exact from the environment so in The Mermaid’s Mission, the heroine spells it out but I don’t think the story beats people over the head with it.

DE: What is the most enjoyable part about working in the erotica genre? How do you feel it’s positively evolved in the past few years?

TN: I get to have my characters try things I might not do in real life! LOL! Sex is natural and I really love writing in a genre that expresses that. Erotica has come a really long way – for one thing, you have many more writers and many more publishers in the field now and they’re mixing and matching things up like crazy – paranormal erotica, historical erotica, futuristic erotica, etc. We’ve gone way beyond Anais Nin – my personal favorite – now.

DE: You’ve got great advice on your blog about both time management and epublishing, in addition to other topics. What do you enjoy about
blogging? Does it ever become a chore?

TN: I like letting my readers have access to me and helping people to have some insight into the writing life. Blogging is difficult, though. I used to do it every day but now I’m lucky if I can get to it twice a week. What works best for me is doing a batch of articles at one time and then I just have to upload them when I want.

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