Featured Author: Janet Lane Walters

Janet Lane Walters is an eclectic writer and reader. She is published in mystery, suspense, romance from sweet to spicy. historical, fantasy adult and young adult, poetry, and short stories. She lives in the scenic Hudson
River Valley with her husband, a psychiatrist. She is a member of EPIC and has about twenty books available in electronic and or print formats.

The Henge Betrayed — Flight — “We’ve been betrayed.” Those four words send four young people with affinities for Air, Earth, Water and Fire on a search for teachers and plunge them into adventure and danger.

The Temple of Fyre — A rebellious priestess flees the temple and encounters a stone seeker. Together they must bond on the physical, emotional and mental levels to efeat an evil priestess.

The Secret of the Jewels — The seven Jewel Holders and their Chosen learn the secret of the Jewels and combat the last of the mages of Earda.

DE: You write both series and stand-alones. How do you find switching back and forth fuels your creativity?

JLW: I’ll admit that I write both and I do jump around. The odd thing is that some of the series started out as single releases. When I began The Henge Betrayed — Flight this was to be just one book. I had it outlines but when I reached 80,000 words I was perhaps a quarter of the way through the outline.

Since I wrote the book for my grandchildren I figured that was long enough. I thought I would get away with a trilogy but I think it will be four books.

Other series have been planned. So have the single titles. Actually, what I write reflects my reading habits. I read both series and stand-alones. Actually I generally read a book about every two days. Many of them are re-reads. The way I jump between genres is also part of my reading habit. That’s why I call myself the eclectic writer. Sometimes I think my way of writing and jumping around comes from my years as a nurse. When you work as a nurse,
you fragment yourself, doing a dozen things at a time. So that’s the way I write.

DE: Do you keep a series bible? Do you create detailed plots ahead of
time, or update the notes AFTER the draft is written?

JLW: A series bible would be a good thing but I’m not that organized. Detailed plots are my thing, but there’s a twist since seldom do the stories completely follow the plan I set out to do. After I finish the rough draft of a book in the series, I generally read the previous books and make notes of the things I need to be sure are in the next book. Some of the series like the Opposition one are really independent stories that are interconnected with some of the characters from them appearing in the next story. This is the same with the Seduction series. I do have lists of words that are specific to some of
the stories, especially the fantasy stories but they’re just that list. Lists are something I love to do and check off.

DE: You also write across several genres. Do you ever feel that arketing
people try to box you, and, if so, how do you deal with it?

JLW: Since I write for epublishers I am generally allowed to move from genre to genre. Lately I’ve been concentrating on fantasy. I am the marketing person and so I market each book as a separate entity. There was a time when I ran
into several agents who would have taken me on as a client but only if I write one kind of story. Then I discovered epublishing and I never looked back. Fortunately my readers have accepted that they never know what I’ll write from young adult to very steamy romance. From mystery and suspense to romance, to fantasy.

DE: What is your favorite research tool?

JLW: I love non-fiction books and have shelves of them. I also use the internet for encyclopedias for general information. There are also experts in the
field and that’s a help. Since I write books with a medical background, I’m fortunate to have been a nurse and am married to a doctor. I grab acquaintances when I need a bit from an expert in such a field. I also have volumes of magazines, nursing, medical and archeological to look into when I’m writing
fantasy. I’ve a massive amount of material I’ve collected over the years. Sometimes finding what I want is hard but doing a search on the internet often leads to one of the books I have on my shelf.

DE: Several of your books use the medical profession as a backdrop. Other than the obvious life-and-death ecisions faced in a hospital every day, why do you think people are so drawn to books with that setting?

JLW: Interesting question. I think people find medicine interesting, especially in these days of rapid changes in the system. Doctors are often seen as heroes and also as Villains. We’ve all read medical suspense books where there are doctors on both sides. In Obsessions, published by Hardshell Word Factory, the nurses and doctors are being killed by a serial killer who has what to him is a good reason to see these particular medical personnel dead. Perhaps because they work so intensely with the sick and dying nurses and doctors
have an intensity about their characters. In a soon to be published mystery, the heroine is a retired nurse who goes undercover to discover what is happening in a local nursing home. Katherine Miller is also featured in several
other mysteries. Her caring nature is what gets her into trouble.

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