Featured Author: Ava James

Ava James is an avid writer and reader of everything romance. She lives near the ‘Gateway to the West’ with her husband, their englsih bulldog, and their two cats. Marrying her highschool sweetheart in a castle, she is a hopeless romantic -Can’t you tell already?

She’s got a release TODAY from Freya’s Bower, in the ONE TOUCH, ONE GLANCE anthology, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a visit!

The Eagle at Midnight
For Deryn Philips life has hit a record low. After losing her parents in a car crash, she follows their last request, and takes a trip to Wales. But this is no ordinary trip, and there is more to her new mysterious male friend than she can believe. Then again, if you are in a medieval castle in a foreign country, what’s wrong with meeting a knight in shinning Armani?

Watch the Trailer.

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Waking Up
In Iraq, Jaysen Blake has nursed several wounded soldiers back to health, but none have touched her like Sgt. Demetri Tiberius. Will she touch his heart back?

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A Crone’s Query by Ava James.
A tale of two Tristans with everything to lose and even more to gain.

When young Tristan wanders off into the woods, he is met with a vicious Bean Nighe who has a proposition for him- answer her query correctly or lose his head.

Tristan Gippeswich is dying, betrayed by his king. He meets the most beguiling woman, but can he hold onto her?

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DE: Did you have the chance to visit Wales to research THE EAGLE AT MIDNIGHT? (Every time I visit Wales, it makes me believe in magic all over again). What drew you to Wales, rather than Ireland, Scotland, or other places in the UK?

AJ: I wish I could have gone there! Really, Scotland is my next big trip. If possible, I’d like to do a few weeks in the UK and try to get to Wales as well. I started reading some Celtic mythology and was drawn to the Welsh lore. In my research, I was captured by the pictures of the coast line. It grabbed me and the words started to flow.

DE: In “Waking Up”, your character nurses wounded vets who served in Iraq. What was the creation/research process for that story?

AJ: I have several enlisted friends and one dear friend, Danie, who did a semester abroad, working as an aid worker. When she came back with her pictures and I was immediately inspired. My friend, Sgt. Kyle Rashe gave me the idea of the truck. He was involved in an accident much like my hero. So, I have to give great thanks to my friends for this one.

DE: I love the premise of A CRONE’S QUERY, with interwoven stories of two characters named Tristan. What was the spark for that?

AJ: I wanted to write something dark. Not necessarily evil, but I wanted to have some fun with a villainous character. My decrepit old crone was perfect. She’s unpredictable, wry, and sly. The spark came from a picture, imagine that–I am very visual.

My husband and I decided that when we got married we would have a destination wedding. Naturally, I wanted to get married in a castle. (Yes, I am just a hopeless romantic.) In researching locations, I came across Castle Lachlan. Then I found this great picture, taken from the ruins of the original Castle Lachlan, that looked out over the misty loch from a dark stone portal.. It wasn’t until I started writing that I came up with the idea of the two Tristans.

DE: Are your dog and cats helpful in your writing? How?

AJ: LOL, helpful? I have three furry children. Two feline, one canine. My male black cat, is my big strong man. He is my magical conspirator, aloof and mysterious. My female tortoise shell cat, likes to remind me when it’s dinner time and warm my lap. As for my dog, she is my humorous distraction. She’s an English bully, so what more can I ask for?

DE: How do you believe the romance genre enhances our lives?

AJ: I think it gives hope and instills a sense of warmth, a compassion that we sometimes don’t see in our everyday lives. It reminds us of what is good in life, and allows us to escape into a world of magic, mystery, and brilliance.

Thanks for having me Devon!

For more information on Ava and her books, visit these sites:

Author: devonellington

I publish under a half a dozen names in both fiction and non-fiction.

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