Rue the Day by Cat Muldoon

Rue the Day: The Undercover Heir Book I
By Cat Muldoon. KY: Wings ePress Books. 2007. ISBN 978-1-59705-218-4. Digital Format $6. Paperback $11.95.

Cat Muldoon has created an alternate universe that sometimes collides with ours. Lynne searches for her runaway cat, Bree, in the fog. After spending years in foster care, Bree is her one true comfort. She finds Bree, but is also found by Cian, who claims to be her kinsman and calls her “Aislinn”, the name her mother called her years ago before disappearing in a similar mist, abandoning Lynne. Cian has come to return Aislinn to her true home, the land of Faerie, because her mother, Neala, is very ill. The weaker Neala grows, the weaker Faerie magic grows; both Cian and Aislinn’s father, King Nevin, are afraid of a coup attempt to restore the magic.

Forced to hide her identity as the Princess, but brought forward as a representative of the House of Lynx with the right to take over the Queen’s care, Aislinn is plunged into politics, intrigue, magic, and machinations unlike anything she’s ever known. She must find a way to restore the Queen’s health and defeat whoever is trying to destroy the kingdom. With allies such as Cian, his lover the bard Eliatha, the healer Rhoedrie, her guardian Fiona, the silversmith Bryan, the Selkie Khadri, and, of course, Bree, Aislinn has to learn the customs and nuances of Faerie to save both her mother’s life and her parents’ kingdom. She learns that the fey rely on intuition and consider her blocked and somewhat damaged; whereas she can combine the intuitive street smarts she picked up during her hard-knock life, and combine it with her use of the five traditional senses to come up with solutions and ideas to dilemmas facing the kingdom.

Deeply rooted in Celtic, animal totem, and Selkie mythologies, Muldoon has spun a tale rife with love, lust, greed, and the need to discover who one can trust and whom one can love. Beautiful touches such as the strong characterizations of the animals and clever uses of traditional knot work and herbs add both depth and whimsy to the book.

Bio: Cat Muldoom sharpens her claws and her wit daily. Her varied interests include singing, teaching, cooking, archery, and tai chi. Most of her stories are romance, paranormal, futuristic, science fiction, fantasy, and suspense. But with Cat, you never know what she’ll dream up next. Several projects are in the works. And yes, Cat adores felines. She has two of them. Visit her website at

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